This time Icebarcelona goes to the movies. Our international sculptors have inspired their artworks in great films of all times. The main honoree of the crystalline sculptures has been Steven Spelbierg, alluded in ice statues inspired in two of his historical creations. One of those films is from 1975, which was a blockbuster in the decade of the 70's, and the biggest ticket seller until the appearance of Star Wars. We will not tell you what movie it is, but as clue, at that time the special effects were not digital, and the predator of this movie was a mechanical monster, which brought some inconveniences at the time of filming.

We also pay tribute to the character of a Spielberg´s saga. This is the "Best Hero of All Time" according to the American Film Institute. Who is he? Well, he wears a hat, carries a whip, and has a particular phobia to snakes. Noo, it's not Crocodile Dundee ...

There is more ... A giant monkey king who gets horny with blondes, a guest villain with an evil laugher, and a very terrifying clown, who will scare you rather than make you laugh. So, you know, grab an extra large bag of popcorn, your favorite soda, and hurry up to occupy the ice seats. Get ready for the show!



Do you want to musicalize the movie? Follow this Spotify list and add up your favorite movie songs. Select your tracks and they will be added to the Collaborative Playlist that plays inside the ice bar. We accept music from movies of all time. Think of something funky! The Godfather was a great movie, but maybe the violin melody may not be the best music for a bar where people looks for having fun.

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