Celebrate your party at Icebarcelona

Celebrate your birthday with style and originality at Icebarcelona. We have got special packs to celebrate birthdays, as well as romantic packs or bachelorette and bachelor parties. Celebrate that special day with your couple, your family or your friends in a room completely decorated with amazing ice sculptures.

Birthday packs consist of two parts:
- The ice bar experience, which includes a drink and the warm clothes you´re given before entering the frozen chamber to get comfortable. The stay in the room lasts between half an hour and forty-five minutes (it will depend on how you get along with the temperature). During that time you can have a drink (included in the price of the pack) and also take pictures with the curious ice artworks (time to show off on your social media!). Ice sculptures are renewing year after year according to a specific theme.
- The toast in our terrace bar, with birthday cake, gift, catering, or whatever your party requires. We have a cozy terrace facing the beach, a very special place for any celebration, breathing the sea breeze and safe from the city noise. Each pack includes different items, just as bottles, snacks and cake in the case of birthdays. If your wish is to personalize your party, do not hesitate to request it.

Are you interested? Send us an email using the contact form, indicating what type of party you want to celebrate, date, time, and number of attendance. We will soon reply with a quotation according to your needs. If are one a budget let us know, and we will try to fit a proposal to it

  • Birthday packs include:
  • Entrance + drink at the ice bar
  • Birthday cake
  • Cava (Spanish Prosecco)
  • Gift (merchandise souvenir)

We also have other packs for:

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor party
  • Romantic, for couples
  • Family
  • Party, to celebrate with friends

Here you will find information about the different packs we have, according to each type of celebration.

On our Pinterest you can see the variety of cakes that we can prepare for your birthday celebration. We also have a board with the themes that inspired the ice sculptures along all these years.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, Icebarcelona guarentees the most original and fun celebration. Send us an email or WhatsApp us if you have questions

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